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Principals' Test Online Review

Principals’ Test Online Review

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2020 Principals' Test Online Review

what can we do for you?

Make regular review possible for the professional teachers who can’t afford to attend daily or weekly reviews because of busy schedules.

Provide help to aspiring principals who live far from different review centers in Metro Manila and the big cities of Visayas and Mindanao.

Decision Tree

We teach you mainly, reasoning skills that help you answer passing-level questions correctly and master the test.

Comprehensive Review

We focus on content-in-context and passing level questions to give you everything you need to pass—the first time.

Realistic Practice

Our Qbank and Question Trainers emphasize alternate-item question types and give you realistic practice in a Principals’ Test-style interface.

Downloadable & Printable Resources

Be ready to experience the unlimited access to the files, reading materials, and discussions of making members act and decide as if they are already School Heads in their respective schools.

Repeat Guarantee

If you are taking the exam for the first time and do not pass the Principals’ Test, you are entitled to a free 1-month repeat of your online enrollment.

Bonus Materials

Want to go further? We have you covered, with an android application, bonus materials, and recommended resources.

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