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School Leader

School Leadership

Effective leadership is the core of every successful school. This domain emphasizes that effective school leaders collaboratively create a vision and establish a climate for teachers, non-teaching personnel and learners to reach their highest level of achievement.

Personal and Professional Attributes and Interpersonal Effectiveness.

Effective school leaders are models of professionalism and ethical and moral leadership. This domain includes the development of pride in the nobility of the teaching profession.

Instructional Leader

Instructional Leadership

Education reforms have created an urgent need for a strong emphasis on the development of instructional leadership skills. This domain covers those actions in instructional leadership (e.g. assessment for learning, development, and implementation, instructional supervision and technical assistance that school heads take or delegate to others to promote good teaching and high level learning among pupils/students.

Creating Student-Centered Learning Climate

The domain requires that effective school leaders set high standards and create high expectations for learners at the same time recognizing their achievement.

School Manager

School Management and Operations

This domain covers the critical role school heads play in managing the implementation and monitoring of their schools’ improvement plan/annual implementation plan.

Human Resource Management and Professional Development

Effective school leaders develop the skills and talents of those around them. This domain includes the nurturing and support of a learning community that recruits teachers based on NCBTS and promotes the continuous growth and development of personnel based on IPPD and SPPD.

Parent Involvement and Community Partnership

Effective school heads engage in shared decision making with the community in achieving universal participation, completion and functional literacy. This domain covers parent and other stakeholders’ involvement to raise learners’ performance.

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