What’s Next After Passing the Principals’ Test?

What’s Next After Passing the Principals’ Test?

In line with Republic Act (RA) 9155 or the Governance of Basic Education Act of 2001 mandate that a school head shall be both an instructional leader and administrative manager, the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Bureau of Human Resource and Organizational Development (BHROD) issued a requirement which intends to improve the selection among the aspirants: Passing the Principals’ Test. This is to assure that these potential teacher-leaders have the capacity to manage a school and that they are ready to handle the responsibilities of a school head.

Now that you have successfully passed the Principals’ Test, you may be asking yourself on when you can be appointed as a full-fledged school head. Pursuant to the guidelines on the selection and allocation of school head positions specified in the DO 42, s. 2007DO 97, s. 2011 and DO 41, s. 2016, you have two options: PROMOTION OR RECLASSIFICATION. For both processes, you need to secure a copy of your Certificate of Rating which is available in your respective Regional Offices Quality Assurance Division (RO-QAD) as an initial step.

Much movement in the position may happen this year and for the years to come because of the implementation of the Senior High School Program and the increase in enrolment in the elementary and secondary public schools nationwide. The staffing patterns of stand-alone and integrated public senior high schools as specified in DO 19, 2016 also open this career progression opportunity. There is a shortage of school head positions and the creation of HT I and PI positions is warranted. Many school head positions are needed but there are only a few of you who are very much eligible for the position right now.

Your Schools Division Office is the best place to go to for the information about the available vacancies for the school head position since your Schools Division Superintendent (SDS) and the Division Human Resource Management Officer (HRMO) are the ones required to prepare and submit to the Regional Office the School Head Positions Requirement Analysis needed for the inclusion in the Annual Budget Proposal of your Region. This means the SDS, together with the HRMO, determines and recommends the number of Head Teacher and School Head positions to be created in your Division.

While waiting for the green light, you may review the policies and guidelines stipulated in DO 42, s. 2007 to prepare your documents. However, if the vacancy does not exist, you may be interested to get this through a reclassification. Refer to DO 97, s. 2011 and follow the guidelines on the complete requirements you need to prepare for the desired position.

Passing the Principals’ Test is not always a guarantee for instant promotion. One sure thing is that at present, you are already included in the pool of qualified school head candidates, one step ahead than those who need to take the test in the years to come.

Focus on DO 42, s. 2007 and DO 97, s. 2011 for the preparation of your documents

Conduct an evaluation of your credentials and see if these could support you in achieving your goal. Invest in your Education. Staying ahead of developments for your current position, and obtaining additional training could push you easily to the next level.

Assess your IPCRF Ratings for the past three years

Some Divisions allow two (2) rating periods for Outstanding Performance Rating, however, some Divisions stick to what is written in the guidelines. Better be prepared than have the total of your two performance ratings be divided by 3. Remember, almost 1/3 of your total points will come from this criterion.

Keep a journal of your outstanding accomplishments

These accomplishments may give you another 30 points. Being able to show concrete, quantifiable contributions to your school can help turn the scales in your favor. Have you implemented innovations? Have you already conducted any research? Have you published an article or a book? Have you served as a consultant or a resource speaker? You may use the remaining time to your advantage while waiting for the schedule of the expected ranking. Acquire the documents for these accomplishments but do not fall to the temptation of being a credit hoarder. Remember that you are not alone when your big projects were implemented and succeeded. Share credit and attribute success to your team members. In this way, your leadership ability will be noticed. Team skills are invaluable at all levels within an organization and necessary for a promotion. These accomplishments should not be good only in the paper. Make them a living testimony of your personal brand. Give your school heads or supervisors reasons to recommend you or vouch for you.

Observe the leadership styles of your school head

Study how he/she lead and manage the school; you may also seek advice, support, and connections while selflessly performing your duties. By noting his strengths and weaknesses you will be able to craft a plan on how you can perform better when you landed in the same position. Bear in mind that a school head’s foremost consideration in every crucial decision or in any long-term goal should always be for the welfare of the learners. Take a personal initiative for your promotion and always bear a professional and conspicuous appearance as you wait and conquer your career goal. Learning all these by heart not only gives you the expected highest point when you are interviewed during the ranking process but also relates to managing your career in general.

The TeacherPH family sincerely congratulates all of you, the future leaders of DepEd, for passing the Principals’ Test.

Mark Anthony Llego

Mark Anthony Llego

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